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We often confront many problems with Birds, like pigeons in our places like in our houses, Apartments, Factories, Hotels, Hospitals etc. some times, it happens, we can find birds entering from plumbing ducts, ventilators and find suitable place for nesting on the chajjas and pipes. Birds lay eggs by nesting in places, mentioned above which cannot be accessed. We find Birds/pigeons droppings in these places which cannot be cleaned easily and stinks like anything. Sometimes, birds like pigeons and other birds die in these places causing presence of different insects which becomes dangerous to us. We succed in making special transparent nets which is permanent solution to get rid of the menace caused by these Birds/pigeons without hurting or killing them. These can be installed at balconies & windows .
Wide range of Safety Nets are offered by us, which will be durable and reliable. We also custom-engineer safety netting and fall protection solutions. We make durable, dependable safety nylon netting in any size or shape for any type of site—whether it is for building houses, high-rises, or bridges. Due to its strength, it supports heavy load and is stabilized against adverse atmospheric condition. Building Construction Safety Net We are a leading a trader of Safety Nets that are procured from authorized market vendors. These products are used useful for enabling the workers to work safely and effectively at heights. Our range is suitable for the prevention of fatalities and serious accidents, when working at height by providing a collective level of protection. These products are highly demanded in construction, engineering and manufacturing industries. We are a leading a trader of Safety Nets used for Huge Glazed buildings. Our range is suitable for the prevention of Glass and serious accidents. These products are highly demanded in construction, engineering and manufacturing industries.
Royal safety nets are providing netting solutions for different industries, commercial and household. Safety is essential when it comes to the tall buildings, construction sites, shopping malls and office building. There are many dangers at this places such as falling of kids, construction materials and other things from high towers. Also factors birds and pigeons dirtying premises of officers and houses
Coconut Tree Safety Net : As the name suggests, this safenet is used to protect the coconuts from falling over the tree. As its very usual that we have grown coconut trees in our houses or premises and people walk beneath them or park their vehicles under the tree and there is always the danger of coconuts or the branches of the coconut tree falling over them. You can avoid this unexpected problem of injuring people or vehicles by using coconut tree safety net. We at Royal Safety Net provide excellent safety solutions by installing our high quality safety nets at affordable cost throughout bengaluru. For more details contact - Name : Royal Safety Net Mobile : 9008556649