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As the name suggesting, this safetnet is used to prevent birds like pigeons from entering your balconies. No one likes to get woken up by the sound of pigeon fighting on their window sill or the sight of birds dirtying their premises. Pigeons not only litter but also carry harmful viruses along with them. To prevent unwanted birds from entering your premises, we at Royal Safety Net offer you a variety of good quality nets at affordable cost. These nets are designed to keep all birds away without trapping or hurting them.
Duct Net : this safety net is used to protect the open spaces of the apartments or office building to prevent the problem of pigeons or other birds from entering your premises. For more details contact- Name : Royal Safety Nets Phone : 9008556649 Tags : safety net | balcony safety nets | duct area net | duct net | balcony nets | protection net | safety net installation | safety nets bangalore | bangalore safety net
We are offering a wide range of Sports Nets. Ours range of nets have been widely appreciated by players, coaches and sports lovers. This net is primarily used in cricket, wherein it acts as a ball stopping fence and also as a means to control the crowds from entering the field. Safe nets are specialized in making fencing nets which prevents ball going out of the premises during sports activities like volleyball, basketball, football etc, these netting is usually installed in school, college, sport clubs, compounds, etc. We provide HDPE safety nets , green colour nets, rope size 2.5 , 30 , 50 , 70 mash .It is useful for buildings construction, children safety, sports practice, balcony monkeys safety nets. Glass safety pure nylon white color net, net rope size 6.0, 8.0, 30, 50 mash.It is useful for glass safety , balcony safety , protect you from monkeys. HDPE cricket Blue color nets rope size 1.5, 2.5, 30, 60 to 80 mash .It is useful for cricket practice, children safety, balcony nets, sports practice nets Copolymer transfer nylon white color nets, nets rope size 0.60, 0.80, 30, 55, 60 mash . It is useful for balcony safety nets, pigeon nets. We provide shade green color nets, rope size 55, 75, 95 .It is useful for gardens, compound nets, crops nets.
Balcony nets are helps in avoid unwanted situations at the height of apartments. Usually premises of apartments are more slippery and skidded place. Most of the children love to play in balconies. In that situation balcony safety nets are play important role in secure your small children.
Royal safety nets are providing netting solutions for different industries, commercial and household. Safety is essential when it comes to the tall buildings, construction sites, shopping malls and office building. There are many dangers at this places such as falling of kids, construction materials and other things from high towers. Also factors birds and pigeons dirtying premises of officers and houses