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Safteynet company is leading manufacturer and supplier of Bird net, piegon net, anti bird net and sports net in Bangalore For more call us @ 9008556649//9844132122
Safteynet company is leading manufacturer and supplier of Bird net, piegon net, anti bird net and sports net in Bangalore
CHILDREN SAFETY NETS IN BANGALORE Children safety nets are most deserving thought ever. Because for every family children are the most precious aspect. Royal Safety Net are one of the leading supplier and trader of children safety nets in Bangalore. At Royal Safety , believe in offering the best products to the customers and give 100% satisfaction level. Our children safety are helps in avoiding unexpected accidents at the high rise buildings of apartments. Our company guarantees prompt services and international standard quality level so as to exceed the expectation of customers. The company has a belief in excellence and is dedicated to providing outstanding quality in its service. We endeavor to be responsive to the needs of our clients and to encourage in innovation in new ideas with improved process.
Double Cord Safety Net can easily be sewn in different unique styles and is ideal for various purposes. This cord is used for making Nets that are applicable in construction industry, making indoor sports field and even for child safety. The Net is made using uniformly braided cord in different lengths and mesh size and is known for its immaculate finish. This Net is also used as Transport Net or cargo Net to make sure your products stay in one place and don’t fall from their container or vehiclecontainer . These safety nets are available from our company that is sure to meet your needs while exceeding you expectations. Unlike some other kinds of netting, container safety nets are meant to be used again and again to protect your cargo and to protect other vehicles on the roadway from falling cargo. Features / Benefits Available in Braided Twine Nets, Twisted Twine Nets, Knotted Nets Available in standard as well as customized sizes Can be supplied along with containment net for arresting smaller debris Equipped with high strength border ropes and tie cords for easy & reliable installation High strength & durability for excellent shock absorption Heat treated for better knot stability & preventing skewing Machine made nets for uniform mesh size Resistant to degradation due to UV rays Double layered safety nets for better safety at high rise buildings installed at some premium projects in India
anti bird net You face may many or typical problems and issues with Birds/Pigeons/Crows etc in our places like Apartments, Factories, Hotels , Industries, Schools, Offices, Restaurants, Residential, Outlets and Hospitals. We can find birds entering from plumbing ducts areas, ventilators and find suitable and safe place for nesting on the pipes and channels. Birds lays eggs by nesting in these places which cannot be reached from human hand and also difficult to clean. Royal Safety Nets goal is to be the major leading company in Anti Birds Safety Nets Dealers in all over the Bangalore, by providing best and quality Anti Birds Safety Nets at affordable and cheapest prices in Bangalore.Now you need not have to worry for birds like pigeon, crows, eagles etc makes dirty. Just call to John Safety Nets, We offers open area anti birds safety nets all over in Bangalore. These Anti Birds nets are special high quality and tested safety nets which will be fixed in open areas like terrace, balconies, construction places and we make sure that permanently your open areas are protected by birds like pigeons, crows, eagles etc. These anti birds nets are cheaper than bird spikes.